New Blog Posts About Edgewood Cottage by our Curator, Mary Bahr

Good Evening!

I would like to direct your attention to the fact that Mary’s series on Edgewood Cottage is now complete – we just published the last two parts. Enjoy the charming family stories, artwork and photographs, and learn the final sad truth about the historic property. To read them from the beginning, go to the first one by clicking here. and follow the links at the end of the first and second to continue reading. Or hover over the “Knit’n & Pick’n” tab on the home page and see a link to all three individually. For your convenience here is the direct link for Part 2, and here is the direct link to part 3. Happy reading!

Don’t forget to join us on December 27th at 7pm at St. Augustine Church for our presentation by church historian and published author, Polly Thornton. We will gather in the vestibule of the church. Afterwards, refreshments will be served at the Brumbaugh House.

Happy Holidays from your EHS Webmaster