Holiday Whimsey – Ephemera, Toys, etc

These photos, in two sections, show parts of two different displays at the Elkridge Heritage Society for the past holidays of Christmas and when we toasted in the New Year, and are historical in theme.   These displays do not illustrate specific talks or lectures we have had, but they do represent Elkridge history in imagining what another era or time it could have been like, and those memories left to us.

Designing with tiny objects I brought from home as well as a few toy items from the EHS collection, the full displays laid out were to evoke a commonality of joy and wonder that we might have experienced growing up, as well as what our ancestors might have seen and appreciated — like looking at the gardens under a Christmas tree or dreaming, all in miniature.


“Dreaming through the past” using cards, and other ephemera, old Elkridge toys, and representational objects (not all photographed).

christmas past card

1.    Greeting card.

christmas past dreams

2.   Dreaming of sugar plum fairies…

Christmas past victorian

3.   Yesteryear’s Edwardian couch (settee) potato.

Christmas past photo

4.    Pointing out theatrics and costumes.

Christmas past 4

5.   The two Lassies.

Christmas past paper doll

6.   Victorian paper doll.

Christmas past santa

7.    Santa on parade…

christmas past humpty d

8.   The Union Jack and Humpty D…

Christmas past cat

9.    Handmade tree ornament and picture card.

Christmas past frog

10.  Froggy went a courtin’…kiss “that” your royal highness.

Christmas past stocking

11.   Somebody got a baby from St. Nick.

Christmas past Md

12.   “Maryland My Maryland” greeting card.

Christmas past hare

13.   Hare’s a present…


 “Ye Olde Elk Ridge Landing in Winter – 1700’s.”

old elk display 2

1.   Over winter ice.

old elk display 1

2.   Up the Chesapeake to Elk Ridge.

old elk ducks

3.   Mallards on the Bay.

old elk patapsco morn

4.   Antics on the water.   Farm house by the river with rising sun.

old elk winter barn

5.   Farm yard shelter.


old elk horse

6.    Horse in deep snow by a gate.

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