A New Year’s Opera

Happy New Year for those who will willingly diaper new Baby Time, though several weeks old now and already a student at the local theater school.

However, at the end of the evening on December 31st, parts of the world sadly saw old Father Time waving his 2,013th bye-bye, and any deafening applause and “encore” remained futile to extend the 2,013th year and its fun times one more minute beyond midnight.

At year ends, global curtains close. In this case, the New Year wasn’t prepared for the tough audience, and excused itself from appearing by getting sick (“For the last time I might add,” said the script writer).

But time doesn’t remain still, so its understudy jumped over the balcony box aiming for the stage shouting “NOT YET” just as the Nordic goddess reached her famous final high note.

“Despite what you may understand, understudies for the New Year are not professionals by a long shot — so don’t get your hopes up,” said the drama coach.

new year

So, since all the world’s a stage and the globe cannot spin without its opera, the show must go on. Despite these worldly clichés, “all’s well that ends well” – and we, in Elkridge, can jump into the new season.

Of course, our own lively professional troupe, performing at the Elkridge Heritage Society, remain steadfastly loyal and thankfully wish our audience all the best this 2014.

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