Collection Policy: Outgoing Loans – Terms and Conditions

The Elkridge Heritage Society, Inc.

1.      The Elkridge Heritage Society, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “EHS” or the “Lender”) lends materials from its collection only to museums, historical societies, libraries and other organizations that, as the “Borrower” in the EHS’s judgment, can comply with this Terms and Conditions Agreement (“Agreement”). Loans will not be approved to private individuals, nor for extremely fragile materials, unsecured surroundings, frequently used library holdings, or materials that will soon be used in forthcoming exhibits at the EHS.

2.     The Borrower must pay all costs for matting, packing, crating and shipping loaned objects, including charges for hiring special packers when necessary. Objects shall be repacked in the Lender’s crate for return to the EHS by the same manner of shipment as used by the Lender unless mutually agreed upon by the Lender and the Borrower. Damages, whether in transit or on the Borrower’s premises and regardless of responsibility, shall be reported immediately to the Lender.

3.     Each object shall be insured by the Borrower for the amount specified on the face of this document from the time the object is removed from the EHS until the object is returned in satisfactory condition to the Lender. This must be an all risk, wall-to-wall policy subject to standard policy exclusions. The Borrower may elect to:

a.   insure loan under its own policy and forward certificate of insurance to the EHS prior to shipping date.

b.    insure loan under the EHS insurance policy and pay pro-rata cost of insurance.

c.    assume liability for loss or damage in lieu of insurance (option available only when total value of all objects loaned is for a specific exhibit worth less than $________).

4.    The Borrower is required to complete a Condition Report form, supplied by the EHS, for each loaned object immediately upon its arrival at the Borrower’s institution, and a second Condition Report form immediately prior to repackaging each object for shipment back to the EHS.

5.    The Borrower will exercise the same degree of care in respect to objects covered by this Agreement as it does in respect to its own property of similar kind or character. The Borrower agrees to maintain all reasonable precautions against all

a. physical hazards including: fire, theft, vandalism,

b. dirt, water, chemicals, and insects, and

c. extremes of light, heat, and humidity.

Loaned objects on display may not be photographed by the public due to hazards by flash bulbs, as well as copyright infractions.

Loaned objects on exhibit will be displayed in locked cases or shall be under surveillance by guards, cameras, and other staff, when exhibit areas are open to the public.

6.    No restoration, repair or cleaning of objects may be performed by the Borrower without the express written permission of the Lender.

7.    Unless written notice to the contrary is given in advance regarding copyright issues, objects other than photographic prints may be photographed and reproduced by the Borrower for normal publicity and catalogue purposes before and during the exhibition and for condition records, but special permission shall be obtained in writing from the EHS for all other copyright reproduction for literary magazines and research journals, for advertisements and for reproduction sales, and for any reproduction whatsoever of fine art, maps and other prints, and of photographic images.

8.  a)     The Borrower shall provide labels giving credit to the EHS. The credit line shall read “On loan from The Elkridge Heritage Society, Inc., Elkridge, Maryland;”   b) the Borrower shall also acknowledge the contribution and copyrights of the EHS to special exhibitions in all press releases and publicity materials, including catalogues, magazines and journal materials (if they are approved);    c) the Borrower will do the necessary initial proofreading and research to get the correct facts to be published correct, giving the EHS a final corrections check before publishing; and d) the EHS is to receive a copy of any publication or catalogue, magazine or journal regarding the exhibit or of historical research.

9.     Requests for loans must be made at least two months prior to the time the objects are to leave the EHS to allow time for photography, packing and other arrangements.

10.    The duration of the loan must be stated by the Borrower at the time the request for a loan is made. Loaned objects shall remain in the possession of the Borrower for the time specified on the face of this Agreement. Objects must be returned to the EHS at the end of the loan period unless an extension has been previously requested by the Borrower and granted in writing by the EHS.

11.    The EHS reserves the right to recall the loan at any time if the terms of this Agreement are not respected and disclaims any liability resulting from such action.

1.    Loan needed for a period from _______ to _____________

2.    Institution Requesting Loan (“ the Borrower”):


Contact Person:                                                                        Tele. No.:

3.    Reason for Loan:

If it is an exhibition: will it be stationary or mobile?

4.     Our Accession No.(s) and Description of Object(s) requested:

5.     Value and Condition of each object upon arrival:

6.    Insurance: [check one box]

Borrower will insure loan under its own policy and forward certificate of insurance to the EHS prior to shipping date.    ☐

Borrower wishes to insure loan under the EHS insurance policy and will pay pro-rata cost of insurance.      ☐

Borrower agrees to assume liability for loss or damage in lieu of insurance (option available only when total value of all objects loaned is for a specific exhibit worth less than $________)      ☐

6.      Shipping Instructions:

Name of individual to whom shipment should be sent, and address if different from above.

Date object(s) should be shipped:

Method of shipment preferred (subject to approval by EHS):


7.     Action Taken:

Approved Loan: ____________ Not Approved Loan: ______________

________________________                                          _______________
Collections Manager                                             Date

The Borrower acknowledges that he/she
has read and accepts the conditions. Loan approved by the EHS.


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