Collection Policy: Gifting to the Collection

The Elkridge Heritage Society, Inc. welcomes GIFTS to our Collection under certain guidelines.


There are three main criteria (I, II, III)  discussed below:

I.    DEED of GIFT




I.   The Elkridge Heritage Society, Inc. (hereinafter “EHS”) uses a legal DEED of GIFT contract document which has three major components:

1.    Mission Objectives and Requirements

2.   Agreement (requiring signature)

3.   Gift(s) Description (requiring description(s))


Each component is BRIEFLY described below:

1.  Our Mission is:

A.)  to acquire significant and relevant artifacts of Elkridge history relating to the heritage of its people, their homes, businesses, houses of worship, local government, art, as well as archaeology and environment;

(1.) (A.) (i.)   please understand that giving of  GIFT(s) to the EHS is/are not an opportunity for gifting unwanted items one would normally consign to the trash, or without any relevant or significant Elkridge history;

(1.) (A.) (ii.)  please understand the EHS can except materials in good condition, but cannot except anything that is unpreservable and/or toxic to handle or store.  As well, the EHS cannot wash or dry clean antique materials.   We have a limited amount of capability to store fragile items, so we have a stricter selection process.

(1.) (A.) (iii.)   please understand the EHS does NOT accept under any circumstances “Permanent Loans;”

B.)  to encourage research and scholarship of the Collection for use by professionals in pursuing and understanding genealogy, historical data, art, artifacts and land use of Elkridge;

C.)  to encourage and help member participation in exploring their genealogy, to share their written or oral histories relating to their life or lives of their ancestors in Elkridge; and

D.)  to preserve, display, and maintain the integrity of the Collection by the EHS.


2.   Our Agreement component covers four Acknowledgements:

A.)   That the EHS reserves the right to determine if any GIFT(s) be accepted or declined;

(2.) (A.) (i.)   That, if  the EHS declines a GIFT(s), you must request it be returned, in the Agreement, otherwise the EHS will continue to retain all rights to its disposal.  Therefore your contact information will also be required.

B)  That all rights, title and interests (including copyright and trademark) of each GIFT(s) is transferred to the EHS;

C.)  That the GIFT(s) is/are given to EHS under your ownership;

D.)  That by giving the GIFT(s) to the EHS, you grant permission for GIFT(s) to be used in photographs, reproductions and facsimiles for all standard purposes, including, but not limited to exhibitions, publication, research and educational endeavors in all media by any means or method now known or hereinafter invented.


3.   GIFT(s)  Description(s) are absolutely necessary for us to determine if the GIFT(s) is/are important to Elkridge history, what material content it contains, its provenance, as well as its appraisal value or value at purchase.


This DEED of GIFT(s) contract requires your signatures as well as the EHS representative, and you receive a copy for your files.   Of course, your contact information is required.

ALL GIFT(s) are tax deductible.  The Elkridge Heritage Society, Inc. is not qualified to place a monetary value on your GIFT(s).   We encourage you to seek professional counsel evaluation and documentation before claiming deductions for the purpose of computing income or inheritance taxes under state and federal laws.





The core of our collection currently consists of items for researching family genealogy, using such materials as oral and written history, photographs, and other written accounts, like obits.   This also included their homes.   Included in our collection, but not necessarily the bulk of it are items such as some uniforms, some paintings, utilitarian objects, Indian artifacts, some maps, very few pieces of historical furniture, and other objects.   

What we would like to have is to build up our core and expand with:

—  Archaeological items found buried in Elkridge yards or in other Elkridge lands, items such as old iron nails, utilitarian objects, pottery, coins, etc. from specific homes or historic businesses.

—  Civil War objects, such as shell casings, uniforms, photographs, etc.

—  DVD or CD or written family histories in letter form, journals, records, etc.

—  Historic maps and registers of Elkridge

—  Historic antique items — such as unusual small antique furniture, utilitarian items, bits of salvaged housing that once stood, etc.

These are just some ideas.  Such items would have to be authenticated as to their history.





—   full bodied male / female / gender neutral manikins with their stands

—  upright vacuum with good suction, easy maintenance and detachable hose

—  large flat file cabinet, with aluminum frame, for archival storage of large maps and photos

—  individual archival folder boxes to store papers and other ephemera

—  display cases of tall tempered glass or plexiglass, ability to view from all sides,  to display and protect costumed manikins

—  white display pedestals

This wish list will be updated periodically.


The Elkridge Heritage Society, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to talk with you about all gifting.   PLEASE CONTACT THE CURATOR  ( or fill out this form:

Comments or questions are welcome.

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