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From the Curator / Archivist:


Our Collection is being gathered, categorized and accessioned for the first time, and it is an ongoing process.   However,  it is still able to be researched, particularly for genealogical purposes, as well as to solve mysteries of identification of some items previously collected.

Because of the big task, I have divided into categories (alphabetized and numbered)  items which make sense to keep together, and under those main headings, sub-headings fitting the broader description, and after that, individuals (being it person, place or object) fitting the sub-headings.   

For instance, specifically:

F.    identifies the general category of HOMES, LANDS & PEOPLE

F.  1.  = unidentified / identified homes = 1640-1812 Land owners, Acreage Patents & 1783 Land, Owners, Acreage & Slave Chart & Md. Trust Survey of Elkridge Homes

F.  1. a. = Levering Ave.

F. 1. b. = The Gut and upper Main St., et al.

F. 2  =  house tour booklets

F. 3.  =   individual names and / or house names,  alphabetized from A-Z,

such as =    

F.3.  a. ADC   ADCOCK   through   F.3.  z. ZIM     ZIMMER

Currently, there are 603 names and growing.


As shown below, the Collection is categorized generally, with sub-headings:


Maryland (generally)   Oversized Maps

Patapsco Valley (parks, dams, rivers) 

Balto. Co. =  Relay / St. Denis / Halethorpe / Arbutus / Catonsville / Lansdowne / Violetville / Hilton / Oella / Hollofield / Mt. Winans / Ilchester

Howard Co. = Elkridge / Dorsey / Hanover / Anderson / Harwood / Ellicott City / Elysville / Alberton / Daniels

Anne Arundel Co. = Linthicum / Friendship


Archaeology/ Indian / African-American History / Bridges / Cemeteries (unaffiliated) / Holidays, Fairs & Parades / Wars & Military Issues / Historical Markers / Natural Disasters / Animal Abuse & Protection / Child Abuse & Labor / Feminism & Women’s Issues / Medical History / Ghost Lore / The Depression & WPA / Bootlegging / Outhouses & Privies / Human Violence, Deaths & Threats / Environmental Issues / Traffic Accidents


Factories / Agriculture / Fire Dept / Gas & Auto / Mills, Forges & Furnaces / Pharmacy / Restaurants & Bars / Post Offices / Stores / Distilleries / Plumbing / Medical Establishments / Motels & Cabins / Jails / Banks / Funeral Homes / Industrial Construction & Trucking / Newspapers & Magazines / Salons / Telecommunications / Tax /  Laundries / Horse Riding & Boarding / Blacksmithing / Crafts / Natural Gas & Electric / Police & Rangers / Florists & Nurseries / Trash Removal / Sand & Gravel / Public Transport (trains, etc.) 

D.     =  EDUCATION 

various schools


Dancing / Movies / various Sports / Theater & Community Arenas / Brothels / Speakeasies / Horse racing

F.      =  HOUSES, LAND & PEOPLE, which includes Obits and Oral History  

from A – Z  (currently 603 names)


various information

H.   open




approx. 21 churches listed


Architecture / Art / Animal Artifacts / China, Glass,  Pottery / Clothing & Textiles / Jewelry / Coins & Tokens / Electrical / Flags / Furniture / Papers & other Ephemera / Signs & Placards / Medals / Miscellaneous


NOTE:     Except for “K”   – other alphabetized items are NOT listed according to their object or material.  

NOTE:    What type of image it is (i.e., photograph or drawing)  or what it is made of is not the main focus in retrieval, like a keyword, in the catalogue process.   

The Collection is NOT currently digitalized on-line.   Only a few examples are posted in Facebook.   There is too much information to show every example, nor is it prudent to do so.   As I can, I will download more images of some things out of our Collection to post on this site.   SEE BOTTOM of this article for IMAGES.   Particularly, I would recommend researching through interaction with the actual Collection rather than missing the aspects of cross-referencing or thinking outside the box with something else you didn’t know we had.   Just contact me for an appointment to research the Collection.

PLEASE NOTE:     We do not lend out materials.   Copyright laws are recognized.  Flash photography is limited for certain items.   Items copied cannot be reproduced for sale or publication with our permission.   All items copied need to be notated “from the Elkridge Heritage Society” and given credit to the artist, photographer, etc.   Lap top computers are welcome for taking your notes, but otherwise, we do not have internet capabilities yet.    For writing, we ask that you bring pencils, NO INK PENS please.   We have closets to hang coats and purses.   We also have cotton gloves for you to handle materials.

Depending on your needs and how complex they are, we  ask kindly for a donation to EHS for services.      

If you are interested in a specific aspect of Elkridge history that might be found under the broad headings and sub-headings listed above, or want to ask if your family history is on file, or if you wish to make an appointment to tour the Collection or to otherwise research history, again, please email me directly for answers and for weekday appointments.  

Thank you !  

Mary   ( )   directly = ( )

A few images from our Collection:

EHS - baseball display

Above photo is a display for a presentation on Elkridge baseball history:

Accessioned materials individually   E. 3. a. iii     ENTERTAINMENT / Sports / Baseball / Equipment

Obit, John Shaab , Elkridge

Above obit is for John Shaab.    Accessioned   F. 3.  s. SHA   SHAAB

john young 1

Above photo is Army veteran Sgt. John L. Young, who died in the Philippines, WWII.

Accessioned   B.8. f.   Wars and Military Issues /  Honoring Our Veterans Project / WWII / Young

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