Our COLLECTION drop-down list has what you need, with its many choices (including some photos of what we have on display), to begin your research of Elkridge history and genealogy.  The archivist/curator is adding  additional information regularly as it becomes available.   NOTE:   An additional page with more photographic entries along with their written histories is still under construction.  Below are  some samples, showing how things might look.


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Description: The Hair Station located in this charming Craftsman-style house at 5849 Washington Blvd has been in business since 1984.
Description: A photograph of Daniel's Restaurant and Open Air Bars, taken by Tina Barton. Daniel's is a popular landmark in Elkridge, one of the few outdoor bars, especially patronized by motorcyclists. But you don't have to be a biker to enjoy spending time at this family-owned, family friendly restaurant. Open since 1975.
Description: A photograph of the Thomas Viaduct.
Subject:Elkridge/Photograph/general area/structure
Description: A flyer to advertize the General Meeting of Elkridge Heritage Society, held at Hamel Builders, Inc.
Description: A recording made by Tina Barton on April 20, 2011 at St. Augustine Church. The choir sang a capello, Deep Deep Love, directed by Paul Lavin.
Description: Document presented by Judy Peddicord during a tour given to the Elkridge Heriage Society of Grace Episcopal Church, describing the various stained glass windows and other artifcacts throughout the church.
Description: From the St. Augustine Church website: By the early 19th century, The Catholic Christian community in Elkridge had grown large enough to warrant the building of a church and the establishment of a parish. The laying of the cornerstone took place on October 22, 1844. In 1894, funds were donated to build a larger church, which was completed and then consecrated by Cardinal James Gibbons on November 23, 1902. This is the same warm, lovely church that is presentlyin use by the parish. Our present rectory was built in 1915. The present school building was dedicated, together with the present convent, in 1957. St. Augustine Hall was dedicated in 1961.
Description: Stewart Holland, DC hero of tragic shipwreck in 1854 has ties to Elkridge through his grandmother's cousin Daniel Murray, who lived in Rockburn Mansion.