March 14th Event at Brumbaugh House


We are pleased to announce our next event: Kevin Leonard will be coming to talk to us about a new history column he is starting in the Howard County Times.

They are calling for  snow but  let’s hope it all comes to naught!

Now is the time to gather all you history buffs out there and give him plenty of contact information for future articles!

Date: March 14, 2017
Place: The Brumbaugh House: 5825 Main Street, Elkridge MD
Time: 7pm

We hope you will join us. Refreshments will be served.


Tina Barton, EHS Webmaster


EHS Holiday Event at Harwood Park United Methodist Church

All are invited to join the EHS at Harwood Park United Methodist Church to learn about its history and enjoy its Christmas splendor.

Date: Tuesday, Dec 27, 2016
Time: 7pm
Place: 6635 Highland Ave, Elkridge, MD 21075

Afterwards, refreshments will be served at Dave Grabowski’s house, which is very close to the church at 6379 Euclid Ave.

Happy Holidays! We hope to see you next Tuesday!

Tina Barton, EHS Webmaster



EHS Newsletter

We hope to start sending out semi-annual newsletters via snail mail. This one will be mailed out shortly. Take a sneak peek!

November 2016 Newsletter


Tina Barton, EHS Webmaster



General Meeting: September 13, 2016 at 7pm

We know EHS has been so quiet these last few months but that is all about to change. On Tuesday, September 13, at 7pm, we invite you to hear about what has been going on in support of the Carriage House behind the Brumbaugh House. Some renovations have been taking place in conjunction with other community members, so that it can be used as an alternative meeting space, not just for EHS but for other community groups as well. Refreshments will be served. Please join us! Where? At the Brumbaugh House – 5825 Main Street,  Elkridge MD.

Tina Barton, EHS Webmaster


Historian Pat Stakem to Speak on Tuesday May 10!

Dear EHS Friends –

Somehow I missed the fact that we have a speaker coming on Tuesday May 10th. I’ve been on vacation and stuff. I’m very sorry for the late notice.

Patrick Stakem, Maryland historian, will be coming to speak with us, on topics including Ross Winans, who was credited with designing the steam gun, a replica of which is at the intersection of Route 1 and Old Washington Road. His full bio is below.

Please come and enjoy! Refreshments will be served.

Place: The Brumbaugh House, 5825 Main Street, Elkridge
Time: 7pm
Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mr. Stakem is the Historian, Western Maryland Chapter, National Railway Historical Society, Cumberland, MD, and a member of the Mt. Savage Historical Society, Council of the Alleghenies, Preservation Society of Allegany County (MD), C&O Canal Historical Society, Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association (WV), Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, Inc., Western Maryland Railway Historical Society (Union Bridge, MD).

He has degrees in Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Computer Science.

He teaches for Loyola University in Maryland, Graduate Department of Computer Science, and for the Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering. He has worked with numerous NASA Centers and space missions since 1971.

Originally from Cumberland, he resides in Laurel, Maryland, with his family. Mr. Stakem has written a book, with his son as co-author, on Ross Winans’ locomotives. He is currently working on a second, broader book on Winans.

His other railroad-related publications include:

Stakem, Patrick H. From the Iron Horse’s Mouth: an Updated Roster from Ross Winans’ Memorandum
of Engines, 2011, PRRB Publishing, ASIN B005GM4012.
Stakem, Patrick H. Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad Revisited, 2011, PRRB Publishing, ASIN
Stakem, Patrick H. Lonaconing Residency, Iron Technology & the Railroad, 2011, PRRB Publishing,
Stakem, Patrick H. MARC: Maryland Area Rail Commuter – a Rider’s Guide, 2011, PRRB Publishing,
T. H. Paul & J. A. Millhollland: Master Locomotive Builders of Western Maryland, 2011, PRRB
Publishing, ASIN B004LGT00U.
Stakem, Patrick H. Tracks along the Ditch, Relationships between the C&O Canal and the Railroads,
2012, PRRB Publishing, ASIN B008LB6VKI.
Stakem, Patrick H. Iron Manufacturing in 19th Century Western Maryland, 2015, PRRB Publishing,
Stakem, Patrick H. Railroading around Cumberland, 2012, Arcadia Press, ISBN-0738553654.
Stakem, Patrick H. and Stakem, Patrick E. Western Maryland Diesel Locomotives, 1997, TLC
Publishing, ISBN-1883089247.
Stakem, Patrick H. and Stakem, Patrick E. CSX Diesel Locomotives in Color, 2000, Motorbooks
International, ISBN-1883089433.

Hope to see  you there!

Tina Barton, EHS Webmaster


Help the Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department!

We had a well-attended and interesting visit to the Elkridge Firehouse last night! We learned how the Ellicott City Fire Department came to be known in the area as “Foundation Savers” because they had to come from so far away that the house was lost by the time they got there. We learned how the community came together, they cobbled together their first firetruck (“Daisy”) and purchased a garage/stable (at the current firehouse site) for their house. Since then they have grown from 60 calls a year to over 3000!

The Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department is very grateful for all the support of the community. Without the community support, it would cease to exist. There is one more thing we can do, though, that is free: Write an email or letter to the county council members requesting that the funding for the new firehouse be pushed through as quickly as possible. The current firehouse is not adequate for our growing community. The fire trucks barely fit in the bays. All trucks have to be customized to fit into the bays, and it is a feat of utmost skill to back those trucks into the house. The new house will have “pass-through” bays so that it is safer and easier to stow the trucks. To contact the county council go to this page: http://cc.howardcountymd.gov/Contact-Us – you can either fill out the contact page or email each council member individually:

JWeinstein@HowardCountyMD.gov; CBBall@HowardCountyMD.gov; JTerrasa@HowardCountyMD.gov; MKSigaty@HowardCountyMD.gov;

See the attached photographs which will show how jam-packed the bays are with the trucks and fire fighting gear. One of the trucks was out and about – otherwise imagine how crowded it gets! Also see how little clearance from the roof Squad 1 is. Eek!

Thank you!

Tina Barton, EHS webmaster


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Meeting at The Elkridge Firehouse

Happy Spring! What a lovely weekend!

We are having our general meeting at the Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department this Monday, March 28th, at 7pm.

We will hear some stories from some of the fire fighters and get a tour of the current building while it is still in service. Refreshments will be served.

The address is:

6275 Old Washington Road
Elkridge, MD 21075

Please join us! Bring friends!

Tina Barton, EHS Webmaster


Two Events of Interest


I have two important events to tell you about: Howard County Women’s Hall of
Fame induction ceremony, and our first general meeting of the year, at the
Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department. Please read on!

1. Five amazing women will be inducted into the Howard County Women’s Hall of
Fame on Thursday, March 10 at 7:30 p.m. in the Banneker Room
of the county government’s George Howard Building, in Ellicott City. One of
them, Shirlene Bauman, founded, and was the first president, of the Elkridge
Heritage Society! You can read more about her and the other honorees in this Sun


2. At long last, we have a date with the EVFD! It is Monday, March 28th at 7pm.
Note this is a change in our usual pattern of our meetings: yes, it’s a Monday,
and the last Monday in March.  As you probably know, the EVFD is moving to
Montgomery Road so we wanted to visit them at the current house before it’s too
late. The general plan is to have a group of fire-people talk about the history
and tell some stories and then go on a tour of the station. Refreshments will be
served. Sorry it took so long to get this meeting together. Those fire-people
are busy!

Please mark your calendars!

Happy Spring!

Tina Barton, EHS Webmaster


Our Holiday Event – St. Augustine’s Church

It’s been our tradition in years past to visit an Elkridge area church, to see
it in its Christmas splendor. So far we’ve visited Grace Episcopal, Melville
United Methodist, and St. Augustine. Polly Thornton graciously spoke about St.
Augustine’s a few years ago, but unfortunately, the sound system was not used,
and so many people could not hear her. This year, we are going back to visit St.
Augustine’s, to hear Fr. John speak about the parish history, and to do some
indoor caroling, led by a few members of the St. Augustine Choir. As my Dad used
to say, Fr. John has a very stentorian voice. There should be no difficulty
hearing him!

Refreshments will be served afterwards at the Brumbaugh House.

So please plan on joining us next week!

Date: Tuesday, Dec 29th, 2015
Time: 7pm
Place: St. Augustine Church: 5976 Old Washington Road Elkridge, MD
Refreshments: Brumbaugh House, 5825 Main Street. Elkridge, MD

Enjoy your holidays and have a wonderful 2016! Hope to see you next Tuesday!


Upcoming Elkridge Heritage Society Events


I can’t believe it’s almost summer. I hope the sun comes out again soon!

We have two events coming up.

1) We will be having a work-day at the Brumbaugh house this Saturday morning (tomorrow). That’s June 6th. Some of us will be there as early as 7:30 AM! We will be cleaning up the yard, and cleaning in the house. If you want to donate some time, we’d love to have you stop by with your gardening or house-cleaning gloves! This is all in preparation for our Open House the next Saturday. At least this rain should soften up the ground for weed-pulling.

Which brings me to

2) We will be having an Open House at the Brumbaugh House on Saturday June 13th. We hope you will stop by in the afternoon, between 1pm and 3-ish, to see the house, have some refreshments, and enjoy some social time with friends and neighbors.

The Brumbaugh House address is

5825 Main Street
Elkridge, MD 21075

Hope to see you soon! Email info@elkridgeheritage.org with any questions.